Having Perfect Gel Nails for your Wedding Ceremony


Bridal beauty is a must when it comes to the planning of your wedding day. Having the perfect set of nails will make a huge difference. You are the limelight at your wedding, so you want to look amazing and groomed perfectly. Your hands and feet will be showing, so it is essential to have both fingernails and toenails groomed and painted for your big day. Once you have sorted your wedding dress, your venue, and chosen your cake, it is time to get yourself beautified. You’ve found the most stunning ring so now it is essential your nails look just as beautiful as your ring. Here is our guide on how to get your nails looking amazing for your wedding ceremony.

Preparing your nails at home

Having the perfect nails takes months of routine and care. Here are some at-home tips to take care of your nails:

    • Your nails should be trimmed on a regular basis this will allow them to grow stronger and faster
    • Your nail file should be kept in your handbag, never attempt to tear a nail off that you may have broken
    • Your nails should always be filed down in the same direction only
    • Buff your nails to keep them smooth. If you have weak and thin nails only buff them every 2 weeks otherwise, they will become to worn down.
    • Moisturize your hands and nails, to keep your skin and cuticles soft. Moisturizing your cuticles will improve the growth of your nails. Sweet almond oil is good for your cuticles. Coconut oil also works great for your cuticles rub into cuticles and fingernails every evening.
    • Pushing your cuticles back will give the appearance of longer nails.

Your perfect nail length 

Every bride wants to feel comfortable with her nail length on her wedding day. Aim for medium length almond-shaped nails that look elongate and elegant on the fingers. In general, short nail beds look better with short, and less rounded and squarer tipped. If you have long nail beds these would be more suited to an oval or rounded tip.

Choosing your nail colour and the latest trends 

Choose a nail colour that will complement your overall look. Nude, blush, or neutral will always look elegant and clean on any bride. Always look at your skin complexion. Some colours may brighten your skin tone and others may make your skin look washed out. It is important not to distract from your ring, your dress, or even your flower bouquet. If your skin is typically fair and is a cool skin tone generally nude or pink shades would suit you best. People with warmer skin tones would often be best suited to golden, peach, or yellow neutral colours. Whether you choose a simple and plain colour, or detailed and embellished nail art, you have endless choices to choose from for your wedding manicure. Here are some of the most exciting wedding gel nails trends and styles.

    • White nails 

Many brides choose white as their nail colour to complement their dress wedding. Both gloss or matte finish is ideal, rhinestones or glitter detail is also a good base.

    • Blue nails 

Blue nail varnish is ideal if you are still looking for something blue. A pale shade like sky blue or duck egg blue will complement your look without making a too much of statement, you don’t want to upstage your dress on your special day.

    • Nude nails 

Nude nail colours are super classy, elegant, and simple. It looks great with embellished details like floral or lace overlays design. Your jewellery accessories or shoes could be matched to your nail colouring also.

    • A French Manicure 

A French manicure is very popular with a lot of brides. Why not choose a different colour or shape to make it a bit different?

    • Glitter nails 

Add some sparkly glitter to any manicure to make them glamourous and unique. This can be in the form of an accent or overcoat nail. You could also try a glittered French manicure.

    • Pink nails 

All shades of pink are very popular with most brides. Why not show your love with some small love hearts place them onto your nails and paint over them.

    • Chrome nails 

Why not choose a shiny chrome nail polish to add some shine to your nails and look. A silver or a pale pink will give off a pearly glam shine.

    • Nail art for your wedding nails 

Why not go for something different and break the traditional manicure nails for your wedding. Nail art will make your nails look more unique and creative. Opt for intricate designs, geometric lines, or a splash of glitter and sparkle. Your beauty salon will have plenty to offer you for your wedding nails.

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