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At Happy Valley Baptist Church, it is our privilege and our ambition to bring our community closer the Lord. Through spirited sermons, community-centered events, and an all-encompassing compassionate approach to the matters near and dear to our hearts. We unite members of our congregation and others who strive to have a closer relationship with others in the faith and with God. This is done through weekly sermons and gatherings both small and large. But more importantly, we’re here to foster a stronger faith that will carry with you even once the sermon’s ended and you leave through the doors of Happy Valley Baptist Church.

Why Gospel Should be the Focus of Your Sermons

Yes, The Bible is the guidebook by which we shape our lives, conduct our actions and relate to one another, ourselves, and – of course – the Lord Himself. This cannot be done solely through teaching the contents of our scripture. The Lord’s word is most powerfully delivered from the head of a congregation that enlightens the flock to the works of God that were achieved through Christ. To understand why gospel is so important, it is vital that you first understand what the purpose of preaching is. To preach is the most serving of our Lord when done with the intention to transform lives. So, it is simply not enough to educate others on the contents of The Bible and its story. It is not solely about persuasion, either. Without transformation as its purpose, preaching is made less effective within the context of the Lord’s intentions.

What About Bible-Centered Preaching?

Of course, The Bible is what compels us to Christ and to work in the glory of Him. It is the essential narrative that guides our lives, so it’s word should be at the center of our every sermon. But the teaching of The Bible is only a part of delivering the message to one’s listeners as a preacher. The Gospel is what compels belief and confidence in those very words. So yes, do deliver the words of The Bible. But do it in a way that is centered around the Gospel.

How to Center Your Sermon Around the Gospel

Are you not sure how you can achieve a more powerful sermon and become a more effective preacher through a gospel-centered approach to the Word? Here are some tips that you can put to your and your congregation’s benefit when preaching the word of the Bible and – most importantly – the Gospel.
  • Your sermon should address the innate broken nature of humankind. How does the chosen passage speak to the sinfulness that we all live with before God? How can we work to become whole through Christ despite this nature? Your sermon should answer these questions.
  • Understand the purpose of the passage within The Bible’s narrative. The Gospel is a story, and each passage fits within a greater context. Go “big picture” with your approach to retelling a portion of this story. Have a solid understanding of the events that happen before and after your chosen passage.
  • Your congregation should understand where they fit into God’s story. How the events speak to modern living and what it means to serve the Lord in this day and age. When listeners understand these things, they will feel more confidence of their importance in God’s eyes as believers in Him.
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The Qualities That Define a Good Sermon

No two sermons are the same, not in their content and certainly not in their delivery. When the time comes each week to deliver a sermon to your congregation, you want to effectively and powerfully get the subject matter into their hearts. To do this, you should know that there are “dos” and “don’ts” of preaching. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should be doing as you address the individuals who want to hear your message.

Below are 3 qualities that you should strive to use in any sermon.

You’re Speaking from the Bible

Other resources can be used as illustration or to evoke thought, but The Bible and its scriptures should be your primary source for every single sermon’s material. This is the word that our lives are shaped around and serves as our guide for day-to-day living.

More than being Bible based, gospel needs to have a role to play in a sermon. One’s message is most powerfully delivered when you can point to the ways that God achieved through Christ in our world. A sermon should serve as a serious reminder of the good that comes from placing one’s faith in Him.

You’re Telling a Story

After all, that’s what The Gospel is – a story to be told. This is the very story that has shaped who we are and will continue to shape not only who we become, but what the world becomes as we grow through Christ in it. Speak from The Bible and its narrative to truly connect with the hearts of your congregation. This is the story that Christ wants told, and it is our honor to share the narrative.

You’re Speaking with the Listeners in Mind

A passionate sermon can easily go from uplifting to challenging to follow when the deliverer isn’t coherent and concise in speaking to the congregation. Make your sermon direct and to-the-point, without a lot of different angles thrown in the middle. The message of Christ shouldn’t be difficult to understand. When it is, that is when followers become disengaged and even confused.

Delivering a sermon is an important responsibility, so it should be taken as such. No matter your personal approach to delivering the gospel to others, you need to do so in a way that is engaging and centered on the story told within the pages of The Bible.

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